Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a fairy house for the raspberry fairy

Yesterday, Jude and I made a fairy house to honor our raspberry fairy. Our humble fairy abode was inspired by this one that I saw earlier this spring, and making mud bricks on a rainy day was the perfect activity for a little boy who was ready to beat the door down to get outside despite the dreary day back in May. We let them cure for a few weeks (until the raspberries were ripe:) and assembled our little fairy hut complete with a feather flag. Jude was really happy we found that feather. And he adores the little fairy house that we built. And I have to say we probably just as much fun making the mud bricks as we did building the house.

Going to get the goo by the creek to make mud bricks

Digging goo with a lot of effort

another getting goo shot

gathering hay for the bricks

filling up the ice cube trays to make bricks

our curing method
(we let the mud dry in the trays for a bit before
placing them on greenhouse flats to dry completely)

putting straps on the roof (not sure where he got this idea but it made sense)

the little hut for our special raspberry fairy

Just so you know a few raspberries were consumed to celebrate the completion of the project;) And now we have another reason to "check" for ripe raspberries.

There must be fairy dust in the air or something because Gardenmama posted an amazing description of her son's celebration of the tooth fairy today. And let me just say right away, her and her son's fairy houses are absolutely beautiful, and I hope that our raspberry fairy doesn't feel slighted. Even though I'm sure she doesn't have an Internet connection, fairies know these things.


  1. What a wonderful project! It turned out so well and what a little innovator you have. I'll remember this for when Felix is a bit older.

  2. I love love the process behind making your fairy house and for a raspberry fairy? Well that is no ordinary fairy so your house is very fitting! And just look at that hair! So beautiful : ) Thanks for the link, you made me smile with the fairy internet connection... I don't know I hope our resident fairy does not catch wind of what is going on at *your* house ; )

  3. living a charmed life indeed! i love this.

  4. Leesa - goddess of the gypsy moonMay 27, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    You're little boy beautiful, precious, adorable beyond words!!!!
    I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for raspberry information (I'm working with raspberry in my colour therapy course)and fell completely in love!
    I am so enchanted and inspired by your little boy!
    Blessings to you & much happiness to you both!


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