Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it's show time...

We are loading up for the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Well, I should say John's loading up because obviously I'm sitting here in front of the computer. This is our fifth year doing this show, and we were invited artists this year, which just means we didn't have to go through the jurying process because our "score" was high enough last year from the judging that took place during last year's show.

I just wanted to give you a peek at our treasure boxes...of many shapes and sizes. We did a custom order for someone on etsy earlier this year, and we liked the look so much John made several squattier looking boxes.

The first show John ever did, I put a little piece of treasure in each box to make them fun to look in. One little ring box that John made, had tiny little shells in each of six comparments. A guy bought it because he thought they looked like little skulls! Neither of us were happy that was the reason he bought the box, but it made it that guy happy...Now I use fancy, schmancy fabric to line the boxes with for the surprise factor, but also because it makes them each unique. Here's a group peek...

And some of my favorites...okay this ended up being most of them...

Whatever we don't sell this weekend may end up in our etsy shop if I can find time to post them. And I am thinking of bringing back my little treasure sharing game because the best part about treasure is sharing it with someone else;)

I'll probably get a chance to post favorites from the show on Sunday...hope you are having as beautiful a day as we are!


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  2. The little boxes are lovely! Hoping to see them in your shop soon. Best of luck at the festival.

  3. What a great team you make! The treasure boxes are absolutely beautiful! I am reminded of the jewelry box my grandfather made for me plain and simple I remember as a little girl loving the smell of the fresh wood when it opened up, I still do today : )

  4. These are wonderful! What a wonderful way to share in handmade beauty!!


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