Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy all hallows eve

A gaggle of grinning pumpkins to wish you a happy all hallows eve...

We have dinosaurs lurking around our neighborhood! Last year, Jude insisted on being a green panda bear...and I was stitching up his costume at the last minute. This year, I expected another costume challenge...and managed to transform a thrifted chair cover into 'ceratops' a couple of days ahead of time and even had fun doing it;)



  1. Oh my goodness! His costume is so cute! Awesome job mama!

    As an aside - it just occurred to me that I'm signed in and posting under my Google account which is not at all connected to my blog. And since there are really a lot of Jennifers out there, you might not know that I'm the one...

  2. I just said to Dave: "Can you believe Jude's costume?"
    Dave: "Jude's costume was awesome!"
    me: "Did she tell you she made it from a thrifted chair cover?"
    Dave:"SHE MADE THAT!?!" :)

    It was great seeing you guys last night!

  3. Wow, you are an amazing mama! That is a great costume. Did you guys carve all of those pumpkins? They are stunning

  4. I should have made a note that the pumpkins were part of a display at the Providence Zoo. This was actually just one tiny portion of their pumpkin trail.

  5. You are so talented in ways that never cease to amaze me dear Elizabeth! Sweet Jude is too cute, I hope you guys enjoyed your night!


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