Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wash wednesday...the line

I decided to join Gardenmama's Wash Wednesday Photo Challenge this week.  I have been taking a lot of clothesline pictures over the last couple of months...more on that next week.  But this week, I have this one to share.  For me, hanging laundry is a way to slooooowww down and be mindful.  Each pin a breath...each pin a prayer.  I have contemplated the everyday sacredness of hanging clothes for quite a while now and never tire of the simple beauty that a clothesline represents.  

There are a couple of shots of the line from the past here and here...  

and more clothesline goodness to be found today over at gardenmama's


  1. Lovely words and photo today.

  2. I always think of my mother when I hang clothes on the line. I remember only her bare legs and feet showing as she pegged up the sheets. Maybe it's the smell of the soap and the sunshine mixed together that brings it all back. (Of course now I'm the one who hangs clothes out, and she's devoted to her dryer. Times change. People too.)

    Lovely post!

  3. What beautiful words. I love the depth of field in this photo.

  4. i have to double up my clothespins/prayers. ; )

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful sentiments and photo Elizabeth : )

  6. couldn't have said it better myself! I seem to have wash day everyday with one in Cloth.

  7. My little one had that same shirt (the one in focus). I feel such tender happiness seeing it -- all the times he wore it when he was a wee one!


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