Monday, June 7, 2010

homemade...bunnie boats

Ever since the green smoothie challenge, I've been on a semi-raw diet.  I'd say 2 or 3 days a week I'm all raw.  The other days are 2/3 raw with some cooked foods in the mix.  Many days Jude and I enjoy raw or semi-raw lunches together.  The one pictured above includes a recent invention of mine...well, it may be something lots of people do, but I just thought of it the other day and Jude has been enjoying bunnie boats ever since.

I start by gathering some baby lettuces from our garden

chop up some carrots into strips

spread a dollop of hummus in the center of a lettuce leaf 
(there are raw versions made with zucchini or sprouted chickpeas but we haven't tried those yet)

and plop a carrot in the middle...and there you have bunnie boats.  
They are easy to handle and travel well.

And Jude says they taste good with avocado.


Now hop or float on over to threading light where we are discussing seeing clearly.


  1. we've also been 75% raw since the green smoothie challenge and are loving it! but, we do throw in some cooked foods once in a while because we just get really hungry! i love how your boy eats these great snacks with you. if only mine would. the only raw food i can get him to eat is a banana. it's depressing.

  2. Someone got a haircut!! He looks all grown up. We love eating stuff on stalks of lettuce too!


  3. That is a neat idea Elizabeth. I bet my older daughter would like that. My younger it would depend on the day and her mood. Hmmph. something new to try!

  4. Those look very good, I am spending much of my time the past few days thinking of meals that require no cooking. I have only once made hummus with sprouted chickpeas, it was different but good, I'm sure my recipe could have been improved upon...

  5. yumm yumm yumm. i need to get some hummus. i've never made it. i'm with jude. avocado makes everything even better.

  6. Fun and yummy! I've made raw hummus with a tomato, walnuts and garlic (there might be some other spices or something in there...lemon? You could experiment).

  7. That plate looks divine! What a perfect light lunch! xo m.

  8. They look delish!!! I love avocado too!

  9. the name, in itself, is genius! I'm going to give this a try with my girls. Thanks!

  10. Bunny boats! What could be more fun, and nutritious.
    Do you LOVE it when your child eats lettuce? Maybe I'm crazy, but I suddenly feel like I've got something about motherhood figured out when Col eats salads.


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