Friday, June 4, 2010

{this moment}

one image
no words (some words today)
a moment to savor
inspired by Amanda Soule and many others


I'm cheating a bit to add that this moment was inspired by an endless stream of dumptrucks travelling by our home today making us wonder...where are they going with all that dirt?  It makes it easier to be grateful rather than annoyed when I see these loud, dusty, massive vehicles driving Jude's imagination and play the way they are.  And I got compost hauled out to my garden...

have a blessed weekend!


  1. wonderful moment, serius playfull moment!

  2. I cheated a little on mine too. Love the pic!

  3. Boys and dirt are a beautiful combination. Thank you for sharing. Check out mine if you like:

  4. I had to give my son a dirt pile in our yard so he'd keep his trucks/shovels/paws out of my garden soil.

  5. Boys and trucks...they just go together.


  6. I really love this photo. He looks so very happy with that truck load of dirt.

  7. hee hee I love when I can turn my girls' play into a little bit of work done!

  8. Funny, I was just thinking that the boys needed a proper dirt pile in the back yard. I love this moment, Elizabeth, thanks for sharing.

  9. Very cute. My kids have that same dump truck. My son spends a lot of time moving dirt and sand. Honestly, I have always thought "how therapeutic!"

  10. Oh we just love dump trucks at our house. We have several sprinkled throughout the garden and I really like seeing them at times when the boys aren't playing with them. It is a gentle reminder of this special age.


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