Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more and there

A rainy wash wednesday here...
we are grateful for the much needed rain
 despite the laundry that will not get dried today.

Sweet gardenmama came close to a revolt, I suspect, when she announced that she was ending Wash Wednesday.  So good of her to listen to the masses and bring it back.  It seems a lot of us like to share our laundry.  One of the things I treasure about Wash Wednesday is being able to see that many share my view of the sacredness of simple hanging laundry.

When I posted hanging laundry as a sacred act almost a year ago when so wabi sabi was just a hatchling (last Saturday was so wabi sabi's first birthday) I was not sure who would really understand what I was trying to share.  But now it seems like I'm in very good company.  After a year of blogging my life, I have finally shed all inhibitions at sharing how I weave spirituality into my everyday life, and I am grateful to have found a tribe who 'gets it'. So thank you for all you have given me this year!

I am a week behind announcing that the summer edition of Rhythm of the Home launched June 1st, and I am honored to have an article called 'Clothesline Meditation' featured.  If you are looking for simple ways to weave sacredness into your everyday life, you might find some of the meditation suggestions I offer helpful.  I try to incorporate mindful breaths, a little qigong, and prayers of gratitude throughout my day as I do all kinds of mundane activities from washing dishes to working in the garden to sweeping the floor.  It keeps me connected and grounded and keeps the chi flowing.

And I am very excited to announce that we are offering a free on-line workshop called Mindful Mothering over at Threading Light which will begin June, 21st.  Sign ups start now!  I hope you will consider joining us and spend a week discovering what Mindful Mothering means to you.  We will be offering daily meditation suggestions, ways to incorporate mindful practices into your daily life, and a lot of encouragement too.  Lisa and I can't wait!


  1. A rainy wash wednesday here too!

    I love your capture of the rain droplets!

    I was really looking forward to my clothesline therapy today though, I really needed it. Instead I will sit with my tea and listen to the rain and watch my tomato plants enjoy their shower.

    I love the reminder of the mindful breaths while doing everyday things. I used to loathe sweeping my wood floors multiple times a day, but like hanging laundry I turned it into a meditative task. Same with the dishes. I find opening the window in front of me, and having a clipping of flowers like honeysuckle there so a breeze will blow the sweet scent to my nose, that I rather enjoy scrubbing a pan from the night before :)

  2. I really love this Elizabeth. Your words your photo, there is a certain mindfulness a quiet that comes with the rain. I too appreciate this community and all that we share together through the dailiness of life.

  3. I like the raindrops hanging on the line.

  4. Here, much rain too.
    I wanted to hang the laundry outside, but that did not work.
    Tomorrow I'm washing muddy clothes.
    Actually, I would like to have an old washboard to meditation.
    Beautiful text and workshop!

  5. Yay for our "tribe"! I love that you used that word to describe some of this blogging community. I love the water droplets on your clothesline. So pretty. Tomorrow, sunshine? I hope.


  6. Hi. Until Nicole started wash wednesday, I just wadded up my clothes into a dryer. Now that I'm drying on the line I can see our lives and the way we live them in a whole new way. It's so beautiful. I'm joining you for Mindful Mothering and I love your article in ROTH. Be well.

  7. this lovely photo is worth the wet laundry! thank you!


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