Friday, June 11, 2010

late spring walk in the woods

we took a walk on an old railroad bed (with shoes)

investigating the small treasures that we found along the way 

we thought about who might have used this small stone structure 
and admired the way it was built

we wondered who might live in this hole at the base of a small birch tree
it would certainly make a nice home for a forest fairy with a small rhododendron planted next to it

even though this cone from a jack pine was really prickly
 it was a treasure that had to make the rest of the journey with us 
so it could be placed among other treasures in a special collection at home

if you look closely (in the center) you will find another forest friend
 that did not want to stick around to get a picture 

there were many creatures who splashed quickly into the pond when we approached them, 
but we enjoyed watching the dragonflies dance all around the pond 
and these two posed beautifully for a picture 

we admired the last of mountain laurels and went home refreshed from our time in the woods


Since Jude no longer takes a nap (sigh), I have found taking a walk in the woods or spending some quiet time outside to be a good substitution.  Taking a break from work in the garden, in the kitchen, on the computer or playing with toys, to reconnect with the natural world resets our energies much like a nap does.  Although this mama, always tries to sneak a few moments in the hammock or on the porch swing if I get a chance.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Looks like a beautiful way to substitute a nap and get some fresh air and perspective. What a wonderful place to walk!

  2. What a beautiful walk. Nice that it is close to home. I am milking naptime as long as I can. Your idea as a substitute is a brilliant one though. Have a lovely weekend Elizabeth

  3. I love old railroad beds. There's something so amazing about thinking there used to be a train that ran through the now so quiet place in the woods. It's so funny what children choose from nature as treasure. I always think it must speak to them, asking to be held just a little longer.


  4. these walks you take are what i most long for living on st. maarten. i can almost feel the magic of walking through the woods by looking at your pictures. jude's marveling expression is wonderful.

  5. It looks like a lovely day Elizabeth!
    I understand what you write about taking a walk in the woods likening it to a nap.

  6. Looks like a beautiful journey and in many ways more relaxing than a nap.


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