Monday, June 14, 2010

where I've been...sacred circles

*walking in meditation through the woods with 14 others, including two nuns from 
Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh's monastery in France...
do you feel your feet touching the ground with each step?

*sitting with shoulders lined up in the meditation hall...
can you feel the energy move through you?

*sharing tea and an apricot slice...
can you taste the delicate sweetness?

*sharing a meal with two friends...
have you ever tasted celery that tasted so good?

*meeting three rebeccas and and ingrid and discussing raw food diets 
on a porch over looking a lawn with century old trees and a flowing stream...
can you hear the bullfrogs calling?

*feeling the vibration of the singing bowl as it moved around the circle of women gathered ...
can you feel your heart vibrating?

*hearing powerful women read their poetry, play their drums, and sing with their voice...
doesn't it feel good to know that the world is changing you
or is it you who is changing the world?


Over at threading light we are talking about choices...I made some good ones Saturday when I showed up to a half-day of mindfulness at a nearby zendo then attended a 'gathering of women' at Possibilities retreat center that night.  


  1. Looks and sounds sacred. Thank you for sharing that experience.

  2. doesn't it feel good to know that the world is changing you
    or is it you who is changing the world?

    ..oooh, I love that part. How lucky you are to have gotten that chance to gather up some bits of peace.


  3. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience, you have such a way with words.

  4. Such a resonant post... set me a-vibrating.

    Greetings from Tokyo, land of the wabi-sabi!

  5. wow. was it hard? or easy? sounds like it was easy for you. it makes me nervous just imagining it for some reason. sitting with myself lately is a bit of a thrashing session. i think that's why. so i've been trying to stay busy. is busy better than crazy? and then the moon blood came and now i'm a bit better.

  6. Wow doesn't that sound amazing!

  7. Wow, what a day!! And what a lovely way you shared it with us.

    blessings, and namaste,


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