Friday, August 27, 2010

where i've been...the fairy garden

This weekend I visited a very special place, only when I got there it was gone...
I asked the few shy fairies that stayed behind why on earth would someone move a fairy garden?

They told me that the world is changing now and that it would be really helpful if I could be flexible and go with the flow...

They pointed me in the direction of the new and improved fairy garden complete with fresh fairy dust.
And as I stepped out of the woods and onto the busy path full of people the first audible words I heard uttered by a human were "being flexible".

Later, Jude and I found the new fairy garden and stopped in for a bit of fairy tea.

These fairies were quite vivacious, and we were delighted by their joy and laughter.

We admired their wings and they reminded us how important it is to stay in the moment because that is where the magic really happens.

We are still savoring the tea and we saved a bit for you...please, do join us!


Travel and exciting new projects are keeping me away from this space. 
I will continue to pop in and hope you will keep joining me when I do. 
love, blessings, and gratitude~


  1. Looks like fun. It can be fun to do so much traveling. I'm looking forward to a little of that this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. ::be flexible::

    Thanks for this simple, powerful message.
    I love that your son knows how to speak with the fairies.

  3. Beautiful post, thanks for the reminder to go with the flow.

  4. Yes, we must remember to have a cup of tea with the fairies a little more often than we do! I'm pretty busy these days, thanks for the reminder: we'll visit again our fairies deep in the shadows of our garden, first thing tomorrow! The magic's always at hand, but it slips out of our sight/mind so easily!
    Kind wishes

  5. those tiny tea sets are too precious! lovely.

  6. I love fairy gardens. I am glad you found it.

  7. Oh, and I had such a nice time chatting with you at playgroup this week! You are wonderful!

  8. "Stay in the moment because that is where the magic really happens"

    I'm taking this message to heart...

    Thank you.

  9. How sublime to hear the words "being flexible"
    And what luck you were open to hearing those words!

  10. Lovely photos E!
    Jude is so sweet-.obviously a very good little hostess who makes others feel welcome!
    Have a lovely weekend- and I will stop by again to see what creative project you are working on!

  11. Fairy tea is the best! :-) What a wonderfully alive and sacred fairy space created there. Being in the moment and being flexible are so simple to aspire to and yet some of the most challenging work I've ever undertaken. I'm feeling gratitude for the reminder I'm not alone in striving to incorporate these spaces into daily life!


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