Monday, April 4, 2011

the mother of invention

As with most of my crafting forays, this one happened at the last minute when I didn't have the time to spend sewing.  But as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.  I needed a laptop sleeve for my new oversized laptop.  And even if they (as in the big box store) would have had a sleeve that my laptop would have fit in...they were all so plain.  So a thrifted fulled turtleneck sweater and belt magically surfaced from my ridiculous pile of such things and came together to do the job just fine.  And it took less than hour to whip up.

Now my laptop has a cozy sleeve to slide into and it held up great during our trip. 

How has the Mother (as in necessity) inspired you lately?


  1. Oh wow! What a great re-purpose and the belt idea is brilliant.

  2. Very Nice! Love the upcycled wool! I often envy those pattern-following folk, and hope one day my skills could reach similar loveliness; because I find that most of my making happens more out of necessity...I remember fondly the days when I use to have hours upon hours to create a "work of art"...but I know they will indeed come again.

  3. love being back in touch with you, and i truly appreciate where you've been and i feel reverence for what you've brought back. all that climbing as you say, no teven realizing what you were acquiring and bringing back. and i love this thought. going to ponder how the mother has inspired me lately...........your laptop cozy sleeve is brilliant. the mother does make us do brilliant things. brillianter things than desire, often, huh?


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