Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spring in our steps

is the best way to
describe the spring we
have been experiencing here

so when the rain
finally stopped
we ventured out

not surprisingly
nature has not been deterred
by the weather

our destination
the bouncy bridge

i'm first he
announces as
he proceeds to
skip across

and mama goes
a little
140lbs bounces more than 40lbs

there is definitely
a need to
whether it is me
or he
that is crossing

when we were walking
jude complained
it was too far
I said well, if you don't complain
the time will go quicker

he said,
do the angels come and
shorten the trail
if you don't complain
something like that I suppose


  1. oooooh so sweet and natural and light this post and that boy and that bridge and that water. i just measured how long our walk home from the bus stop is this morning. 1 mile exactly. all up hill. i am so into it. we don't get to walk it very often, cuz of max's extra appointments after school these days, but when we do, it is so funny to watch them complain for the first 2 minutes, and then they are so energized and alive because of the exercise's effect on them, that they run and laugh the rest of the way home. i might be posting about that today....

    your woods are incredibly beautiful. it really makes me see that we truly live in a desert for the most part over here. jude is so gorgeous. and i like your boots.

  2. I can't get over how big Jude is getting. We've been cold and wet here too. Love that bridge. It's the things great adventures are made out of. I love his take on complaining too. I like the idea of an angel that makes the road shorter if you don't complain. Very sweet. Hope all is well Elizabeth.

  3. Oh that bridge looks so scary, but fun. I loved your reflections on it, as well as the story behind the photos. Looks like a fun day.

  4. So much loveliness in this post, but I liked this the best:
    not surprisingly
    nature has not been deterred
    by the weather

  5. Beautiful post, and I love seeing the places others venture to, and your captures are magical. You and your boy are crossers, for sure :)

    We've had so. much. rain. I'm feeling at times in wonder of our (seeming) weather pattern changes, and sometimes nervous. I just want to have the garden dry out, so my food crops can get in and not have to ruin the soil structure to do it. The rain makes it so heavy to work right now.

    It can only get better, right? :)



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