Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we're back

so many different paths
were travelled on this leg

much of our time was spent
vortexes of one kind or another

and without even being aware
of what was happening 
climbing to new states
of consciousness

what is it about
climbing anyhow?

this boy feel in love with
climbing trees

this one in particular
tears were shed when
we had to say goodbye
to this tree friend

and we admired lots of trees
we had never seen before

the mountains were
ever present
and captivating
I never got tired of seeing
their shape outlining the horizon

I fell in love with
the desert
and being a water and mountain girl
it kind of took me
by surprise

Jude found immense freedom
in the desert

we made new friends

planted a peace garden

and played with some old friends

when I asked Jude what his favorite
part of being on the walk was
he replied without hestiation
"being with our friends"



  1. oooh beautiful elizabeth! i'm glad you've both made it there and back and have had enriching experiences. jude has grown in so many ways!!! these pictures were wonderful to see.

  2. May this journey of so many things, teachings, uncoverings, discoveries, linger long within your hearts and souls, and bring peace to your days and your life. May the ripples continue to ebb outwards and touch all in your midst. I know it touched mine as i followed along.

    And YES! to tree-climbing. We love that 'round here, too. A tree friend is a special thing indeed :)

  3. I love your pictures Elizabeth!! Such an adventure, but I do not even feel that those are the right words...I feel love shining from your post. Jude HAS grown so much!


  4. These pictures are so amazing! What an incredible experience!

  5. What a beautiful post... the photos and the feelings. Where were you? I want to go there!

  6. Gorgeous pics!! visiting from Mama-om :)...

  7. Hi Elizabeth, I'm so glad you're back. What an incredible journey you've been on and your photos are exquisite. Welcome Home!

  8. thank you for the goosebumps. love to you and jude and the desert and friends.


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