Sunday, October 3, 2010

piece together peace...october intention

If you haven't heard about the project we have going on over at threading light, I hope you will take a look.  For the next 13 months, we are joining together to set a monthly peace intention for our personal lives.  Then at the end of each of those months we'll come back to report how it went, any challenges we encountered, and any positive results we experienced. 

It really boils down to being the peace we wish to see in the world and making it real personal.  In my mind, we cannot expect world peace to happen because a group of leaders decide to get together and sign some treaties.  If we want peace to prevail, and we ALL do (especially those who are so afraid they work against peace), we have to start right at home.  Home is where the heart is.  How do we create more peace in our heart?  What does it look like?  Where do we begin?  We start with the changes we can make today.  Being peace today.  Being the change we can be today. 

So for my October peace intention, I plan to talk to 'strangers' more.  I know this may not seem like a big leap for many of you, but I have found myself taking on a belief of isolation and really creating that reality by not reaching out to those I feel are different from me.  So over the next month, I plan to say hello to people I don't know and especially those who I feel are different from me and attempt to engage them in conversation. 

I will have a great opportunity because I will be travelling a lot over the next month....more on that later.

So pop over to threading light, read about the project, and join our tapestry of peacemaking mamas!
Love, blessings, and peace~


  1. Just got my email about this. Planning on reading more later tonight. Thinking already on where're I'll begin this journey.

  2. I'm smiling!
    Through my daughter, I often talk to strangers.
    With shopping, she has fun.
    And that has a great effect on people.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for you beautiful, inspirational and active blogs. I just found you today (yesterday?), through Soule Mama. I was inspired by her in Mothering magazine a year or so ago. She introduced me to this community of artist mothers. I am new at and in this community and just discovering ways that I can create, share, support and be supported. Thanks for the contact. Please let me know how I can link up to your blogs automatically. Oh perhaps I have done that already with threading light. And how I can change my name to my first name or my blog name...

    Anyway, I am a working mom, co-parenting a 3.5 year old boy, living in the city, longing for some earth.

    My boy sat on my lap while I looked at so wabi sabi. As he looked at each photo picturing your son he asked "who is that?", or "I want to play with him" and "Lets play there"
    love & blessings to you too!

  4. This is a grate positive Blog. Makes me remember the beauty of the world!

  5. I just saw the email from you on this (my spam has been collecting a lot of emails lately), and what a tremendous blog you are creating. I am honored to join in.

  6. i want to hear how the stranger talking is going!! and i want to say thanks for inspiring me to come along with you, sort-of, in a cyber sortof way, on the piece together peace walk. i am loving my intention this month. and yours.

  7. Just the other day I thought of your intention here. We walked up the street to a park at the school near our house. We ran into aomeone who lives right down the road from us. She seemed really sweet and I just thought about how connective it was to reach out and connect with someone who I other wise wouln't have. We dont live near anyone even remotely like minded, so we tend to stick to ourselves, but deep down we all have something in common or to share with anyone.


  8. hey there. i just came here to see if you ever updated or responded to some comments i left a while ago, but none of them are on here? i swear i left them. did you ever see them?


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